One Pot Pasta

These one pot pasta miracles show up on Pinterest regularly. With a bare cupboard and limited time to cook dinner it seemed like the perfect time to try one.

This particular recipe is from Martha Stewart’s new cookbook “One Pot”. However, if like me you don’t have the book, the recipe is available on the website here.

One Pan Pasta

My other half was hugely sceptical, especially when all the ingredients were in the pan and there didn’t seem like there was going to be enough water to cook the pasta. But there was and the end result was surprisingly good. I have no idea if they cook pasta this way in Italy or if it is some sort of pasta travesty but it seemed to work.

The dish was delicious eaten immediately but I did notice that any leftovers had a slightly mushy texture. This could be down to the fact that I used regular spaghetti instead of the linguini called for in the recipe (quicker cooking time?).

Would definitely make this again – a fun recipe for rental vacations or even outdoor cooking where cooking utensils and kitchen space are limited.