Smitten Kitchen Cookbook

Smitten KitchenA new bookstore has opened up near the supermarket I frequent. Sadly, the book section is smaller than the stationery section and the English book section is even smaller still. But, it does have a row of cookbooks. The selection is bizarre and mainly those cookbook magazines or books that are mass produced by who knows who on world cuisines. But sometimes there’s treasure to be found.

Last time I popped in I was excited to find a copy of the Smitten Kitchen cookbook, and even more excited to see that it was 50% off (a good thing here where books are expensive). So, naturally I just had to buy it.

I love this book. Lots and lots of recipes I will cook (and eat) and a large baking and dessert section – disproportionately large which is fine by me. This book has been on my bedside table since I bought it and my husband is puzzled that a cookbook can make me laugh out loud. Anyone familiar with Deb Perelman’s blog and book will understand, she’s a great writer and a person who you wish would come over for dinner and hang out in your kitchen.


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