The Cottage Cooking Club – November

This month wasn’t a great month for River Cottage Veg. Not that there was anything wrong with the selection or the book, but rather I didn’t get round to making the dishes I planned.  I have no excuse and can’t explain the reason but the only thing I whipped up was the Twice-Baked Potatoes (p. 226). The Stuffed Cabbage Leaves and Patatas Bravas were the things I most wanted to try but it just didn’t happen – they are definitely going to be on my catch-up list (which embarrassingly seems to be getting longer and longer).


The potatoes scraped in probably because they were easy and a kid-friendly dish. Although, ironically I could have made life even easier for myself and skipped the twice baked part as both my children only ate the filling! My other half really enjoyed this although I thought it could do with  something more – paprika? Mustard? Or a leek and bacon and cheese combo? Hugh does provide alternate fillings and this is a recipe that could lend itself to all sorts of combinations and really could be whatever you have in your pantry.

My potatoes weren’t the best. I used local (from Lebanon) and the skins were very thin which made it difficult to scoop and they didn’t retain their shape well; I had to cram them together in the pan so they could stay upright and not collapse.

Will definitely make these again although I will tweak the filling and choose a different potato with a sturdier skin.

To see what recipes the other members chose for this month, check out the Cottage Cooking Club website.


11 thoughts on “The Cottage Cooking Club – November

  1. I prepared the potatoes too and loved how they turned out, I even ate the whole potato myself. Your pics turned out very nice. Can’t believe we only have 3 months left. Yikes!


  2. I often forget what a good option twice baked potatoes are for a family-friendly meal. Yours look terrific and I love the idea of the leek-bacon-cheese variation – those would be hit for sure. I made the 2 dishes you weren’t able to…I can recommend the patatas bravas, but wasn’t too pleased with the crunchy cabbage in the other dish. I’d love to hear how yours turn out if you have a chance to make them.


  3. I haven’t had twice baked potatoes in a long time. My mom used to make them as the side for a special meal. You are inspiring to make them myself. They do look quite tasty. Nice choice!


    • I actually don’t think I have ever made them before, although I’ve seen lots of recipes. I always shied away thinking they were too labour intensive. Will definitely make these again as they were a hit in this house. I can see why they would be a family favourite.


  4. Very nice looking Twice-Baked Potatoes – I am not surprised that your kids loved them (or the fillling) – I would like ot try the spinach/Gruyère option next with this dish.
    Thank you for participating again this month,


  5. Looks like you made a very good choice despite being pressed for time this month. Looking forward to seeing you again next month on CCC!


  6. November was a very busy month for me, too. I just barely managed to make the four recipes I’d chosen for the month. I didn’t try the twice-baked potatoes, but they look delicious. I bet with some nicer potatoes and some tweaking of the fillings, you’ll find a version you love.


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